Citytrip BerlijnAbout „Citytrip to Berlin“
A dead girl has been found near the Krumme Lanke lake in Berlin-Grunewald, a woody part of the city. The body of Nathalie Klaver bears signs of violence and rape. She was staying nearby, in a hotel where Dutchman Thomas Dungelman is the restaurant manager. Nathalie’s murder sets off a chain of events as a result of which Thomas finds himself in a tight corner. He is forced to pursue his own investigations and discovers that someone is playing a sinister game.
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Een fatale primeurAbout „Fatal Scoop“
Sam Coorenvaar, a young journalist, is sent to Berlin by her boss. Her colleague, Jur, who has worked there for a while shows her the ropes in the hip metropolis. She discovers that he is working on a large and sensational scoop, but the research comes to a sudden end when Jur is killed in a car crash. Sam’s curiosity is roused. She decides to take the risk and follow in Jur’s footsteps. However, as she starts unravelling the story, she is confronted with people who have absolutely no desire to see the German Stasi past being dragged out into the open.
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